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During the festival, the Film Market takes place, the economic component of the cinema with more than 1,500 shows and about 10,500 participants. This is the largest market in the world that facilitates meetings, exchanges and negotiations with accredited professionals, offering them truly tailored services and tools. In Cannes, cinema is also an association, which during the Festival offers official screenings, parallel screening films (director’s director’s week, criticism week, ACID, Vision Sociale) broadcast throughout the city. Cannes Cinema jointly organizes a cinema at the end of the year. The festival, which presents more than 50 feature films in 6 days and puts up 8 films for the competition. It also offers meetings with the crew, workshops, a movie concert, events and special evenings.

Things to do in Route de Cannes. Lerin Islands, unforgettable parents – Lerin Islands – nature and booking of the city associated with a strong historical, cultural and environmental capital. Irresistibly, they attract the eyes of the walking Croisette, like a promise of escape and are wide open. They are also one of the starting points of the history of the city, part of its memory. To get there, simply use the shuttle from one of the companies that, at the western end of the old port, connect the city and the archipelago in fifteen minutes to form islands. Separated by the Friuli Canal, 800 m wide, these two islands offer visitors another face of Cannes, both heritage and natural heritage of exceptional quality. They are the subject of an application for the world heritage of humanity, classified. Both feed on incredible stories, real or imaginary. The largest island owes its name to the chapel, erected in honor of the martyrdom of Antioch.

It protects the forest with an area planted with pines and eucalyptus trees, and in the west – an ornithological reserve, classified as a biological one, a pond, a mixture of fresh and salt water, inhabited by migratory birds. The belt path allows you to make a circle of the bay in the bay, while several paths invite to the discovery of its fauna and its flora. It is on this first island that the royal fort is located, built, fortified by the Spaniards who occupied the island during the 30-year war. Around him is his seventeenth-century chapel, his well, his batteries and stoves, a ball.

Located in Cannes, west of the city, on the site of a former gas plant, this villa with common spaces will include: A university campus that can accommodate 1,000 students and offers Unpublished courses in Cannes in the field of new writing, new media and cinema. With a residence of 145 houses and a cafeteria under the auspices of Crous (National Center for Academic and Academic Works). City of companies with the combination of an existing kindergarten, business hotel and coworking venues. The architecture of these two first places was entrusted to the architect.

With the exception of the city, the “global village,” Cannes undoubtedly has two faces. If one shines internationally, one thousand and one movie star, the other wants to be genuine, enshrined in his incredible history, his Provencal and Mediterranean identity.

The port of Canto was the first French private entertainment navigation port and remains one of the first in Europe. Beautiful ships anchored here. Palm Beach was built on ruins. It was the place of great worldly evenings. At this port you will find boat rental with or without permission. Nearby you will find magnificent gardens with places for children. From the Palm Beach parking lot, the recent installation of an orientation table will allow you to admire the unique panorama of the island and the Gulf of Cannes. The cross symbolizes the place where the first pilgrims went by boat to the island of St. Honorat. When it is windy, this site welcomes off-season water sports enthusiasts and especially kitesurfers.

During the visit you will find Fort Royal, which served as a prison from the 17th century. Then you can visit the Museum of the Sea, the main building of the fort, which houses Roman tanks, a cell with an iron mask, a monument to the Huguenots, collections of underwater archeology (the remains of the Romans and Saracens) and the earth. Some temporary exhibitions are also presented.

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