About Route de Cannes villa

Leaders in the luxury hotel industry and the excellence of Cannes, La Croisette luxury hotels are also a historical image. The image that they continue to fit in the spirit of the time through numerous updates and extensions. Institutions of other categories joined them.

Wonderful hotel park. With nearly 8,000 rooms in 130 establishments serving 22,000 people, the Cannes hotel chain generates nearly 2,800,000 overnight stays. , both in terms of business tourism and leisure. 25 residences Most of these establishments are located just minutes from the Palais des Festivals and Congresses. Cannes is without a doubt a must and continues to innovate. Every year, a lot of investment goes to improve the work of the Cannes proposal. The dynamic events of the city – Cannes were recognized as the Best Destination of 2017 – and the development of the hotel industry was reflected. Indisputable links, backed up by a series of synergies between the (Society of Mixed Economy for events in Cannes) and the Cannes Hotel Alliance and the Cannes Pool, around commercial offers and packages.

Ideally located on the Croisette, overlooking the sea and the Palais des Festivals, this is a cult hotel. Completely renovated, it offers 349 rooms and suites with magnificent interiors with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Cannes and high quality service. Throughout the year, an outdoor pool heated to 27 ° C and a private chic and modern beach allow you to dine facing the sea, swim in the sand or engage in water sports from the pontoon. Gastronomy is part of the pleasure that develops with passion: a private beach restaurant: Everything is in color, where we can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, a menu with a thousand and one meridional flavors. The spa, a real wellness bubble of 450 m2 with round-the-clock fitness and sensory space (sauna, steam room), offers exquisite braces. For children, a studio is also provided, which is provided for free and is focused on cinema and 10 major types of art.

More and more manifestations in the world, including in the field of television and advertising, music, innovation, commerce, luxury and for an insanely long and long time. Reputation in the spirit of production capabilities and stationery, Cannes clothing style and vitality. Excellent infrastructure, excellence in the service sector, an exceptional ecological font in Cannes, privileges and circumstances of the destination for tourists traveling on tourist business. Homeland and heritage, Cannes, the highest degree of cosmopolitan, tour of art and art, and respect for history, and modernity, and modernity, and dynamics. Art Nouveau, gastronomy, business, shopping, culture and sport, Cannes and contemporary art, offering contemporary art.

Vacation in Route de Cannes. Islands, natural and sacred beauty. On the Lerins Islands, it all began. While Cannes was a small fishing port surrounded by swamps, life on the islands was already monastic and military. On the island of St. Marguerite, in the Royal Fort, the last trace of its history still exists, is the Museum of the Sea and the famous cell of the iron mask, while the island of Saint-Honorat is home to the Monastery and its tower, once a fortified monastery. Located on Mount Chevalier, a summit in Provence overlooking the city and the bay. In place of the old castle of the monks of the 11th century, from which there is still only a square tower, today is the Castre Museum.

Completely and beautifully rehabilitated, this area of Cannes knows a new hobby, living in the rhythm of art, in particular, the creation of the residence of artists. The old port, the eternal parking at the foot, the old port, bordering the Esplanade, was opened and was the first port of the city. As before, the fishermen who supply the shelves of the Forville market moor their sharp boats, not far from yachts and other elevated historic boats that sail in the bay during the Royal Regattas in September.

Cannes Croisette & Beach. Croisette, chic boulevard. At the beginning of the nineteenth century there were only dunes and small streams … this boulevard was opened in 1863. At first it is called Boulevard before being renamed. Princely villas and hotels with wonderful architecture, surrounded by exotic dotted gardens, many will disappear. But you just need to go through this artery with perfect curvature to find the spirit that made it famous.

Alangs in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Cannes, 700 meters from Croisette, Lerin Island, whose name comes from their ancient names, Lero and Lerina, develop a lifestyle where nature, spirituality, heritage and vineyards mix.